About me

Welcome to my website, a small space in which you can discover facts about Computer Security, occasions, articles and the like. I am a professor of FP and of numerous universities national giving education on topics associated with cybersecurity, forensic analysis or cyberintelligence. I am additionally the CEO of a cybersecurity consultancy called AllPentesting and Judicial Expert by using the Association of Judicial Experts of Catalonia AIF. You can locate me via Telegram or Twitter as eduSatoe or contact via the shape on this website in case I assist you to with something.
Learn, Hack & Share !!


  • Technical Engineer in Computer Systems from the University of Córdoba
  • Superior Computer Engineer from the University of Granada
  • Master in ICT Security "Security in networks and systems" from the UOC
  • Master in ICT Security "Security of offerings and applications" from the UOC
  • Master in ICT Security "Management and audit of laptop security" through the UOC


More than 6 years in the past we commenced a venture in Córdoba with a few friends, called Hack & Beers, wherein we shared knowledge while having a beer. Today we are more than 30 places spread during Spain and the network continues to grow. Other events that I organize are the Qurtuba Security Congress Cybersecurity Congress or the Security High School Cybersecurity Conference. I am additionally vp of the National Association of Ethical Hacking Professionals.


  • Technical Teacher of Professional Training - Computer Systems and Applications
  • Professor of the Master of Cyberintelligence at the Francisco de Vitoria University
  • Professor of the Master of Cybersecurity at UCLM
  • AllPentesting CEO
  • Judicial Expert by IDA - Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics Specialty
  • Head of Hack & Beers, Qurtuba Security Congress and Security High School
  • Vice President of the National Association of Ethical Hacking Professionals.




Here you have a section with the latest lectures and trainings taught throughout Spain on #Cibersecurity, #Ciberlintelligence, #Forense, #Pentesting, #OSINT and more.

My skills

Here you can find the values ​​with which I identify and what are some of my professional skills.

    • Commitment100%
    • Work100%
    • Professionalism100%
    • Effort100%
  • Training in Cybersecurity, Cyberintelligence, OSINT and more.
  • Pentesting and Security Audits
  • Forensic analysis
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Cyber ​​investigations and OSINT
  • Digital beacons for identification and geolocation of people